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We tend to travel, a lot. And we believe in sharing all the behind the scenes and updates so you can get a feel for our commitment to our clients and causes.

Mongolia ... truly AWESOME

We are not fans of the horribly overused 'awesome' tag, but sometimes it really is warranted. This is one such place although finding a place to get out of shot of the all seeing 360 cameras wasn't easy (see pic).

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A Small World, or just a Tiny Planet?

Here at The Humanitarian Cooperative we want our stories to reflect our view of the world - namely that it's a small place within which we are all inter-connected and inter-dependant - and we felt that the Tiny Planet concept was ideally suited for this. One of the great things about shooting in Mongolia was what the wide open spaces and crystal clear skies gave us, that we could then use to give the viewer a sense of space.

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Where Children Learn - Part 1 launches

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new series of VR films under the project Where Children Learn. Almost two years in the making, this series of films commissioned by the UN Children's Fund UNICEF showcases the incredible role that UNICEF plays bringing equitable and quality education to children around the world.

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Filming Omar

The story begins on a cold winter morning in New York where a small group of people are meeting in a windowless room in an unremarkable corner of UN headquarters. It is the job of these people to communicate humanitarian issues, and in a world on fire, they have their work cut out for them. They have gathered to watch a Virtual Reality film called Clouds Over Sidra about a Syrian refugee camp. It is February 2014.

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The Humanitarian Cooperative Launches new VR Film

The Humanitarian Cooperative (THC) is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest virtual reality film, Life in the Time of Refuge.

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The Humanitarian Cooperative launches trailer for new VR film

Today in Geneva at United Nations headquarters, we premiered our ten minute VR film Life in the Time of Refuge. Here's the (non VR) trailer ...

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Emergency Lessons: It's a wrap!

UNICEF and the European Union launched the final video in a series of 7 films that we shot and produced over the last few months. It's been a truly inspiring journey meeting kids around the world for whom school is a saviour ...

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