Our recent work

At The Humanitarian Cooperative we have done a lot of work in recent years in Virtual Reality, believing that with the right distribution, VR lends much nuance and clout to humanitarian story telling.

We also remain firm believers in the power of 16:9 filmmaking and where possible, combining the two - or as we did with our Tiny Planet VR trailers, adding a third!

Where Children Learn Mongolia (A 360 Film)

In Mongolia many people still live a nomadic life always on the move in search of new pasture for their animals, making it hard for kids to get into - and stay - in school. So UNICEF came up with this smart solution.

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Where Children Learn - Mongolia 16:9

In addition to the 360 VR film of the dame title, we also shot the story in a regular 16:9 format for mass distribution.

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Filming Omar

Go behind the scenes of our VR film Life in the Time of Refuge.

Omar is a 10 year old Syrian refugee who after three years in Lebanon was resettled to Finland in 2015. This charming story of a family saved and a little boy stricken by a debilitating medical condition given a new chance on life shows that resettling refugees DOES work.

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A Story of Love

A short film introducing the work of the International Committee of the Red Cross

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Life in the Time of Refuge - A VR Film

Omar is a 9 year old Syrian refugee boy who suffers a debilitating hormone deficiency. Untreated for the three years that he lived as a refugee in Lebanon, last year Omar was resettled to Finland. Join his friend and fellow refugee Warda Aljawahiry as she journeys to Finland to see how he is faring in his new home.

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Emergency Lessons Nepal

In April 2016, we were approached by PR heavyweights Weber Shandwick - on behalf of their clients UNICEF and The European Union - to create a 7 part series of short films to be filmed in crisis spots around the world. 

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The Quest

The Quest is the first of a four part series of films that tells the story of the ‘making-of’ our first Virtual Reality film. 

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Saving Lives in South Sudan

South Sudan is the world’s newest country - and one of its most forgotten conflicts. Although a shaky peace now holds and the warring factions have set their weapons aside, the scale of humanitarian suffering in that country defies belief. 

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Sexual Violence in Conflict

An animation to play in cinemas throughout Europe that would raise awareness about the terrifying epidemic of sexual violence in conflict. 

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