Our Mission Statement and Team

At The Humanitarian Cooperative we believe that we all have a shared responsibility to address the world’s crises, not just because we feel morally bound, but because we know that if we don’t, our failure to act will come back to haunt us.

We also think storytelling is one of the best tools we have toward creating a more equitable, just and sustainable world and that those stories need to do more than just inform. They need to Inform, engage and change.

We build bespoke teams on a job-by-basis, made up of highly talented, motivated and experienced individuals - it's the perfect and proven framework fit for every challenge, no matter how big or how small.

David Gough

David is a filmmaker and journalist with a special expertise in humanitarian issues. Formerly East Africa Correspondent for The Guardian Newspaper, he established and ran an award-winning UN Film Unit in Africa before taking over the UN Film and Special Projects Unit in New York.

Esty Obiri-Darko

Esty is a writer, environmentalist, child psychotherapist and one of the wisest people on the planet. That's why she is at the centre of everything we do and her advice on diversity, gender, child welfare and environmental issues is invaluable.

Christian Abi Abboud

Christian is an award-winning Lebanese filmmaker. Since 2005 he has worked primarily with non-profits to create stories that inspire hope and education. He has also produced and directed several independent feature length documentaries.

Jess Richardson

Jess is an exceptional visual storyteller and has the composite skills to get across any message through her gorgeous 2D or 3D animations. It is because of this that she’s been trusted to work on important campaigns including for Alzheimer Scotland and Marie Curie.

Warda Aljawahiry

Warda is an Iraqi-born filmmaker and journalist with over a decade experience working with major news outlets and the UN. She is a fluent Arabic speaker and a Middle East expert.

Anthony Morland

More than three decades of experience as a reporter and editor, much of it gained in the field in countries across Africa. His areas of special focus have included the humanitarian sector, climate change and migration.

Urmilla Jagannathan

Urmilla produces, scripts, shoots and edits documentary-style videos, as well as still photographs, helping bring social and humanitarian issues closer to audiences around the world.

Jane Thomson

Highly skilled self-shooting director, editor, producer and interviewer, well versed at creating engaging content and compelling stories despite limited budgets

Daniel Nicholas

Daniel is our lead designer and illustrator working on printed materials. He led on the recent IFRC Anticipatory Action project.

Jordi Matas

Jordi Matas is a photographer who has been documenting humanitarian and social issues around the world for over 10 years for major international development organisations and media outlets.

Thomas Maddens

Thomas is a cinematographer and editor with several years experience working as a DOP and editor for humanitarian organisations in headquarters and field posts. He has a film school degree from Narafi film school in Brussels.

Phil Hatcher-Moore

Phil is a documentary photographer whose work has appeared in the pages of the majority of the world’s major newspapers. His work has been recognised by several international awards and exhibitions.

Séverine Vanel

Séverine is a filmmaker and editor whose films have screened at major film festivals worldwide. She has worked extensively in Asia, the Middle East and South America and strives to make films that capture the humanity of her subjects.

Pierre-Julien Quiers

Pierre is a journalist, cameraman, press editor and writer with more than 20 years experience working throughout Asia, Africa and South America with a particular expertise in broadcast news and features.

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